Have you noticed any early pregnancy symptoms? Do you have reason to believe you might be pregnant? The only way to know for sure take a pregnancy test. There are some definite early symptoms of pregnancy, but we have to start with an early pregnancy definition. We have to answer the question what is early pregnancy. Generally speaking it means the first trimester. Pregnancy is measured in trimesters, starting the first day of your last menstrual period, over a total of 40 weeks. The first trimester includes weeks one through weeks 12, which is approximately 3 months. This is normally considered “early pregnancy”. You might hear of the various stages of early pregnancy, versus the full term of pregnancy (40 weeks as we mentioned) but the first 3 months is early pregnancy. Hopefully this brief definition help explained and answer the question what is early pregnancy. Please visit our blog home page for more information. We titled this blog site early pregnancy because we want to answer all your questions possible during this stage of pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Discharge, Is It Normal? Most Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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