When a woman experiences discharge in early pregnancy, we are speaking of vaginal discharge, she must ask herself if it’s normal? As far as early pregnancy symptoms go, yes it is. Increased vaginal discharge in the stages of early pregnancy is normal and can be easily understood. Early pregnancy discharge is usually white or clear and it is a thick fluid. This represents one of the earliest signs of pregnancy and it is usually not the result of infection.

Early Pregnancy Discharge: Normal

  • White
  • Clear
  • No odor or mild odor

This discharge, whether in early pregnancy or later in the term, is normal believed to be caused by increased blood flow to the skin and muscles around the vagina. As a result of the condition you may need to wear sanitary pads. Especially if you have a heavy discharge using the pads might help. Another tip is to avoid wearing pantyhose or nylon underwear. You may prefer underwear which will allow more air circulation, this material tends to breathe better.

Early Pregnancy Discharge: Not Normal

  • Brown or green
  • Smelly

vaginal infections can and do occur during the early months of pregnancy and later on as well. This type of discharge that accompanies these infections will tend to smell bad. It is typically darker in color green or brown and causes irritation and itching near the inside of the vagina. If you have these symptoms call your doctor immediately. There are creams and some antibiotics which will be used this early pregnancy discharge but you should still consult physician first.

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