Early Pregnancy Ultrasounds, Are They Safe For Baby?

Are ultrasounds safe in early pregnancy? The early pregnancy ultrasound certainly plays a major role in the management of normal pregnancy and it is invaluable with early pregnancy symptoms, or when complications such as bleeding or cramping occur. Because it is a high-frequency- sound wave, out of range of the human ear, and not a form of ionizing radiation such as is used in X rays, it is very safe. On the ends of the transducers-the probes of the ultrasound machine placed either over the abdomen (abdominal probe) or in the vagina (transvaginal probe) are metal plates or crystals that … Read More...

Early Pregnancy Bleeding

Early pregnancy bleeding is not unusual. Most medical researchers estimate that one in five pregnant women bleeds during early pregnancy. It’s certainly one of the most common early pregnancy symptoms we get asked about. There are a number of  reasons for early pregnancy bleeding, most are normal. If you notice heavy bleeding during early pregnancy, especially the combination of cramping and bleeding, call your doctor. Not to worry though, about 2/3 of pregnant women experience a bit of  bleeding during the early weeks of pregnancy.

What are the Reasons for Early Pregnancy Bleeding?

  • Implantation bleeding – This is the

How to Detect Early Pregnancy

Home pregnancy tests have become more sensitive which makes early diagnosis of pregnancy more common. Whether you have early pregnancy symptoms or not, a top of the line test is the best way of how to detect early pregnancy. tests now detect the of human chorionic gonadotropin (or HCG) which is a hormone of early pregnancy. A pregnancy test can be positive before you even have a missed period! Many tests can provide positive results (which means you’re pregnant) 10 days after you become pregnant. You might want to wait until you have missed a period before investing money and … Read More...

Early Pregnancy Discharge, Is It Normal?

When a woman experiences discharge in early pregnancy, we are speaking of vaginal discharge, she must ask herself if it’s normal? As far as early pregnancy symptoms go, yes it is. Increased vaginal discharge in the stages of early pregnancy is normal and can be easily understood. Early pregnancy discharge is usually white or clear and it is a thick fluid. This represents one of the earliest signs of pregnancy and it is usually not the result of infection.

Early Pregnancy Discharge: Normal

  • White
  • Clear
  • No odor or mild odor

This discharge, whether in early pregnancy or later in the … Read More...

What is Early Pregnancy

Have you noticed any early pregnancy symptoms? Do you have reason to believe you might be pregnant? The only way to know for sure take a pregnancy test. There are some definite early symptoms of pregnancy, but we have to start with an early pregnancy definition. We have to answer the question what is early pregnancy. Generally speaking it means the first trimester. Pregnancy is measured in trimesters, starting the first day of your last menstrual period, over a total of 40 weeks. The first trimester includes weeks one through weeks 12, which is approximately 3 months. This is normally … Read More...

Most Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms

What can you expect as the most common early pregnancy symptoms? What are the early symptoms in the first trimester? How about the first week? This blog page will discuss how you will feel and what you can expect when you undergo the most common early pregnancy symptoms. There will be changes in your body and changes in baby (as Tiny as she is) during the early stages or pregnancy.

Can you have really early symptoms of pregnancy, even the first few weeks? Yes! Early pregnancy signs and symptoms are common. They are not the same for all women. You … Read More...